Your Back-to-School Digest: Resources ease top 4 concerns of adults considering a return to the classroom

Adult learners, often referred to as “nontraditional students” have specific goals, questions and concerns when considering going back to school. Here are some of the most common ones and resources to help address each.

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The start of fall is second only to the New Year when it comes to a sense of refresh, restart and motivation to change or better yourself. All of the back-to-school excitement either had you busy with preparing your children, wondering if you should have completed your degree, considering whether or not furthering your education will help steer your career in the right direction … or, maybe you are full-steam-ahead into the semester yourself.

Here’s a digest of resources to help you make a decision, get started on your path to furthering your education or to help you have your best year yet.

Adult learners, often referred to as “nontraditional students” have specific goals, questions and concerns when considering going back to school. Here are some of the most common ones and resources to help address each.

How do I know a school caters toward, and gives appropriate support to, nontraditional students?

The No. 1 reason adults go back to school is to advance in their career. Higher education institutions need to make deliberate efforts to focus on outcomes and design programs specifically for these adult learners. The KU Edwards Campus’ (KUEC) mission is to serve working professionals in the Kansas City area. Of the approximately 2,000 students enrolled at KUEC, three-quarters have jobs and almost 50 percent work full time, and 27 percent are parents of children under 18. Here are seven ways KUEC ensures positive outcomes for its students.

The KU Edwards Campus is one of many higher education institutions in Kansas City. Don’t get overwhelmed with your options. Download this easy-to-follow guide to help you choose the right university for you. You’ll also receive a bonus decision table and checklist.

It’s been a while since I’ve been in the classroom. I’m afraid it’s too late, and I couldn’t handle the stress of going back to school.

This is a very common and understandable fear for adult learners and working professionals considering going back to school. First of all, it’s never too late to continue to learn. And, you may be surprised at the number of graduates who juggled life’s challenges, full-time jobs and families along with their degree program. Just like with any purchase or commitment, information from those who made decisions before you can help inform yours. More than 500 KUEC alumni provided feedback on their experience in this Alumni Survey report.

Need more personal inspiration? Meet Megan Neher, graduate student in the integrated marketing and communications master’s program. She shared what it’s been like for her “going back to school during the ‘next phase’ of life.”

For those like Megan – going back to school while already established in the workforce – brushing up on study skills and adopting stress relief tactics can ease the transition. KUEC’s robust student services ensure adult students have the support they need to be successful, with dedicated academic success coaches – or academic advisors – who see them through their programs from application to graduation.

How could I afford to go back to school?

Adult students tend to underestimate the amount of financial assistance available to them. At KUEC, there are many resources available to help your educational experience fit your financial needs. Download your guide to financial aid for financial aid tips and information on maximizing scholarships and connecting with financial advisors at KUEC. Your education is in investment in your future, and as Benjamin Franklin said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Where do I even begin?

The good news is you’re not alone. Academic success coaches are assigned to each program to see prospective students through the application process, guide current students as they complete their course and connect graduates with career services.

Download your guide for a successful start at the KU Edwards Campus. You’ll find information about how to meet with an academic success coach, how to gather all the items you need for application, mentorship opportunities, goal-setting advice and more.

Furthering your education is a big decision. Hopefully these resources help answer your pressing questions, ease your concerns and provide fodder for deeper thoughts as you set your goals for the coming year.

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Get Insights from KU Graduates

Download this report filled with statistical and qualitative feedback from more than 500 alumni to help you decide if the KU Edwards Campus is right for you.

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Get started at the KU Edwards Campus

Download your guide for a successful start on your KU Edwards Campus undergraduate or graduate program, including information on financial aid, academic advising and more.

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Maximize Your Financial Aid

Download your guide for making the most of financial aid at KU Edwards Campus.

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An Adult Learner’s Guide to Choosing the Right KC University

Helpful tips to choosing the right university in Kansas City.

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Putting off your academic pursuits?

Download our eBook that addresses and debunks 7 of the biggest concerns adult learners have about returning to school.

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Find the right online program for you

Download your guide for tips and questions to ask when researching online learning options.