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Working at KUEC

Working at KUEC provides information designed to help faculty set up their classrooms and learn their way around campus.

Map of Campus

Find information on office and classroom locations, including floor plans for the Best Building, Regnier Hall and the Regents Center.

Faculty Parking

Learn more about free and convenient parking for faculty and staff.

Transportation & Mileage

Learn how to receive payment for traveling from the Lawrence campus to teach and read about the K-10 Connector bus service between campuses.

Facility Resources


Faculty teaching at the Edwards Campus can make up to 100 copies per month per department at no charge. Faculty mailboxes as well as the multifunction device for printing, copying, and scanning have been moved to Regents Center 120C.

  • You will need your KU Employee ID Card with magnetic swipe to access the new mail/copy room.  If you do not have an employee ID card or if your does not have the magnetic swipe, the Welcome and Success Center can assist you.
  • An access code is required to use the photocopier. Check with your department to receive the access code.
  • Students can make photocopies in the Hawks Nest.

Faculty Lounge

Stop by the faculty lounge located in the Regents Center 131 Hoteling suite to check your phone messages, catch up on your email, or just relax before class. 

Hoteling offices

Hoteling offices for faculty are located in Regents Center, Suite 131. To reserve an office, contact Laurie Brown at (913) 897-8410.

Main office

The Edwards Campus main office is located in Regnier Hall 170. For administrative assistance, contact Desk Specialist Debbie Riggs.

Office supplies

Faculty and staff who office at the KU Edwards campus can order additional supplies through Lori Wade. Orders are placed on the first and fifteenth of the month.

Facilities Services

Use this link to request support from the KU Facilities Services team. Once there, use the large red icon to submit a ticket.

KU Edwards Information Technology

Visit this site to request technical support on the KU Edwards campus as well as find many useful request forms.


Classroom Setup

Classrooms & Breakout Rooms

Inquire about room assignments and necessary classroom materials.

Computer Labs

Reserve one of two thirty-seat PC computer labs using the Computer Lab Request form or by contacting the Academic Technology specialists at kuec_edtech@ku.edu. Requests are processed in the order received.

KU Edwards IT Mobile Laptop Cart

The KU Edwards IT technical support center, in conjunction with the KU Edwards Instructional Technology Committee, has put together a new, mobile laptop cart. This cart was designed to assist with online testing and virtual lab usage. There are twenty (20) PC laptops on the mobile cart. It may be reserved for usage in your classroom by using the Mobile Laptop Cart request form. If you are interested, you may also desire to read the Laptop Cart Acceptable Use Policy.



Community Engagement Event Request Form

Use this form to request a community engagement event at KU Edwards Campus.

JCERT Time Certification eForm

Use this form to submit time certification for employees that are funded by JCERT in some percentage less than 100%.

Marketing Request Form

Fill out this form to contact the Edwards Campus Marketing team to submit a project request.

After-Hours Access Request Form

Submit this form to request after-hours access to the Edwards Campus.

Edwards Data Request Form

Request assistance from the KU Edwards Campus Data Analyst.

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Quick Links

Academic & Faculty Support Center
Regnier Hall, Suite 370

Ben Wolfe
Director, Center for Faculty & Academic Administration

Michelle Audley
Asst. Director, Center for Faculty & Academic Administration