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  • KU Edwards Campus improves Johnson County's bottom line

KU Edwards Campus improves Johnson County's bottom line

Monday, January 13, 2003

Overland Park, Kan. - An educational institution not only shapes an individual's career, but also has important economic impact on the community it serves.

The findings of a recent analysis conducted by the County Economic Research Institute, Inc. (CERI), show the University of Kansas Edwards Campus contributing nearly a 8 million economic impact on Johnson County since its opening in 1993.

“With many communities suffering economic declines, Kansas City and Johnson County in particular, are fortunate to have the KU Edwards Campus — not only for the value of its undergraduate and graduate programs but also because of its positive economic impact on the community,” said Bob Clark, vice chancellor of the campus.

The Edwards Campus, in partnership with the Chambers of Commerce of Lenexa, Olathe and Overland Park, retained CERI to estimate the impact of the Edwards Campus over the decade since it opened its doors. CERI measured the direct and induced impacts of the campus in relation to construction, annual campus operations, tourism and increased local household earnings of graduates.

The study also indicates a correlation between individuals with university-level degrees and positive economic growth.

With the campus currently in the beginning phase of a million expansion, the impact of the campus on Johnson County will be even more significant in the coming years. The expansion will allow the campus to double its academic programs, ultimately increasing the number of graduates and enhance its community-related programming and cultural and social activities.

“It's always assumed that education adds value to individual's career opportunities and to the economy in which they live,” said Clark. “CERI made a direct link and clear statement about the impact KU's campus in Overland Park is having on the individuals in the region and the economy.”