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  • KU Edwards Campus Offers Two Unique Design Degrees

KU Edwards Campus Offers Two Unique Design Degrees

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April 18 , 2008 - The KU Department of Design recently created two graduate programs in Interaction Design and Design Management that are now offered on the Edwards Campus. KU is the only school in the nation to offer both programs. Tailored for working professionals, these programs draw upon cutting edge technologies and real-world experiences of industry experts.

“These programs teach students to design today’s technology-driven products,” said Bob Clark, vice chancellor of KU Edwards Campus. “They are a perfect blend of business and technology, essential for success in today’s competitive design environment. We are proud to be the only university to offer both programs that educate design leaders of the 21st century.”

Interaction Design focuses on the study of how people relate to and use electronic items such as an iPhone screen, an ATM or grocery store scanners. Students conceive and research designs that will develop into products, services and systems used by people and businesses. The master’s program is targeted to engineers, architects, interior designers, advertising executives and other professionals hoping to enhance their careers.

The Design Management program focuses on customer-centered innovation regarding brands, products, services and systems. Students learn strategic, tactical and operational management methods to improve team performance and accomplish imaginative business goals. The program allows students to explore the design function of national and international business markets and get hands-on experience in developing original plans and designs.

“In the real world, the most valuable skill is being able to effectively assess opportunities and problems, and then teach those around you how to create valuable solutions,” said student Drew Voegel, and Microsoft’s user experience project manager. “My experience in the Interaction Design graduate program at KU not only gave me the tools to think about design but the ability to communicate design.”

“The Interaction Design graduate program opened doors that would not have been open otherwise,” said student Brooks Protzman, Dell’s visual identity and brand experience manager. “The curriculum and educators established a solid design foundation and taught us to think strategically. Being able to take classes while working full time was a plus. I was able to apply what I was learning in school to my job on a daily basis.”

The Edwards Campus is currently accepting applications for the fall, 2008 semester.