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  • Regents approve tuition plan, protecting KU tuition compact

Regents approve tuition plan, protecting KU tuition compact

Monday, June 1, 2009

LAWRENCE, June 25 - The Kansas Board of Regents today approved a University of Kansas tuition proposal in which 40 percent of undergraduates will see no increase and the majority of other students, including graduate students and transfers, will see a modest 6 percent increase.

“The regents’ action today will help protect the quality of a KU degree, preserve our tuition compact, which locks in tuition for four years for incoming KU freshmen, and protect against a midyear tuition increase, which would be difficult for students and families to absorb,” said Chancellor Robert Hemenway.

The KU plan goes into effect for the 2009-10 academic year, which begins in August. It continues a tuition compact that is staunchly supported by KU students, who first advanced the plan to bring predictability to college costs, aid financial planning and prevent sudden spikes in tuition.

Under the compact, entering freshmen will receive a tuition rate that is frozen for four years. Students who entered as new freshmen in fall 2007 or fall 2008 are under compact rates and will see no increase in tuition. The compact rate for this fall’s incoming freshmen will be 7 percent higher than last year’s compact.

The standard tuition rate for all other undergraduates and graduate students will be 6 percent higher, as will tuition for students at the KU Medical Center.

The likelihood of additional state budget cuts persuaded KU to propose a plan modified from its original proposal in May. State officials have warned recently that additional cuts of up to 5 percent are highly likely, meaning KU’s total budget cut for the coming year could reach a staggering $44 million.

The rates approved today represent for new freshman a $69 a year increase over KU’s original proposal in May; for resident undergraduates paying the standard tuition rate, the modified proposal represents a $124.50 increase a year over the original proposal.

Factoring the different tuition rates, KU’s overall funding from tuition is projected to rise 4.1 percent. The plan generates $9.8 million in tuition revenue, which will cover less than a third of the $31.5 million in current budget reductions to the university’s budget.

To fill the budget gap, the university has assigned a larger share of reductions to administrative units. Job cuts have been made that will lead to diminished numbers of support staff and teachers, larger class sizes and fewer course offerings. Efficiencies and cost savings on top of the $9 million already identified over the current and previous budget years also are being sought.

“We are committed to finding additional cost savings and efficiencies,” Hemenway said.

Tuition rates for the 2009-10 academic year

Standard tuition by the credit hour (applies only to seniors, graduate students and transfer students) 
Undergraduate resident: $218.90 (an increase of $12.40 over 2008-09)
Graduate resident: $270.50 (an increase of $15.40)
Undergraduate nonresident: $575.00 (an increase of $32.60)
Graduate nonresident: $646.25 (an increase of $36.70)

Medical student rates, per semester 
Resident: $12,573.10 (a $711.70 increase over 2008-09)
Nonresident: $22,297.20 (a $1,262.10 increase)

Compact Tuition rates by the credit hour
For fall 2009 juniors (first-time freshmen in fall 2007): resident, $213; nonresident, $560. Will not change through 2011. Is lower than standard tuition.
For fall 2009 sophomores (first-time freshmen in fall 2008): resident $229.25, nonresident, $602. Will not change through 2012.
For fall 2009 first-time freshmen: resident $245.30, nonresident, $644.25. Will not change through 2013.

Course fees
The regents approved a 4 percent increase in course fees effective in the academic year 2012-13. Increase ranges from 85 cents in education and music to $8.95 in law. See www.tuition.ku.edu/rates.shtml for the current rates by school or program.

Required campus fees (supports services ranging from recreation, child care and health services to campus transit)
Lawrence campus: zero percent change from 2008-09. Will stay at $423 per student per semester, regardless of undergraduate, graduate or resident status. 
Edwards campus: zero percent change. Fees cap at $792 per semester.
Medical center campus: 2.7 percent increase, or $5.25 increase for undergraduate and graduate students, and $7.09 more for medical students.