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  • Service Request Form

Service Request Form

Please use the Service Request Form to request new and change of service.

  • Please allow two weeks for ordering and change requests.
  • Items with a red asterisk are required for the form to be submitted.
  • Please refer to our forms section if additional forms are required.

*If you do not receive a confirmation page after submitting, we have not received your form

Employee Information

(Ex. BE 270, RH-170A)

Network/Data Service

Note: 2 Weeks should be allowed for fulfillment of this service request.

(i.e. 1-1A-101-1, New Jack Needed, Unknown)
(i.e. 1-1A-101-1, Unknown, NA)
(Ex. K:\Staffshare\, K:\Marketing and PR\)
(RH-270-MDF, BE-350A-MFD, etc.)


Note: All new desktops or laptops must be ordered.  Time should be allowed for the purchase and delivery of required hardware.   Ordered computers will come with standard hardware specifications determined by KUEC IT for campus desktops/laptops.  If special requirements are needed, please indicate on this form.

 Cisco 6941     Cisco 8945


       (Click to enlarge)


Note: All KUEC managed computers and laptops are equipped with the following OS and software applications:  Windows 7 Enterprise, Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus, Sophos Anti-virus, Adobe Reader, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.  Additional software requests must comply with licensing agreements and possess appropriate product key and approved by KUEC IT.

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