Gain Life-Changing Skills Through the Public Service Transfer Community

There are so many career paths forward for public service degrees , especially ones that students might not think of immediately. Explore the various programs we offer for Public Service. 

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Prepare for higher education at KU Edwards Campus

If you are currently earning an associate’s degree, and you’re interested in a bachelor’s in Law & Society, Psychology, Public Administration, or Social Work, the Public Service Transfer Community at the KU Edwards Campus can make that transition easier for you.

The Transfer Community is here to help non-traditional students. If you’re a parent with kids – if you’re working part-time or full-time jobs – or if you’re the first in your family to go after a bachelor’s degree – you’ll be joining a community that’s taking the same leap of faith you are. 

What is the Public Service Transfer Community?

The Public Service Transfer Community is designed to give you a sample of the many different career paths that can help you make a lasting impact wherever your education may take you. This community is a perfect fit for transfer students interested in Law & Society, Psychology, Public Administration, and Social Work degrees. 

The Public Service Transfer Community is one way to help you feel like a member of the KU Edwards Campus, even before you take your first class. As a member of this transfer community you’ll gain access to events, programs, and unique learning opportunities related to public service; and by the time you finish your associate’s degree, you’ll be prepared to start working on your bachelor’s degree.

Another benefit to joining the Public Service Transfer Community is the opportunity to work with our Academic Advisors. Our advisors are there to guide you through your college career by helping you plan your degree and receive the assistance you need to accomplish your goal.

Meet Nigyar Alves, Academic Advisors for the KU Edwards Transfer Community

Nigyar Alves, KU Edwards Academic Advisor for the Public Service department (Law & Society, Public Administration, and Social Work), answered a few questions about what an Academic Advisor can do for you, and how the Transfer Community helps transfer students find their footing as they prepare to earn a bachelor’s degree. 

What’s your role – what do you do as Academic Advisor?

My role is to recruit and help transfer students navigate KU by being their main point of contact. Once the students are at KU, I mentor and advise them through their journey, connect them to their resources at the university, and provide feedback to program leaders so they can continue to align the curriculum to industry and student needs.

What makes the Public Service program such a good choice for transfer students?

The importance of public services and public servants cannot be overstated. We live in a constantly changing society, and we need public servants to help improve communities, influence social change, and help protect people. Public Service is a great program that will help students succeed in the public sector by gaining practical skills such as communication, influence, resilience, leadership, creativity, patience, critical thinking, political awareness, and more.

A lot of people might be first generation college students, parents, or working full-time. What kind of guidance and assistance can they expect?

Many students at the Edwards Campus juggle various commitments and are adult learners. We recognize that every student’s journey is different, and we provide customized services to meet students’ needs. We also have many faculty and staff members who have similar backgrounds as their students. Most faculty are understanding and make exceptions when students are prioritizing commitments and/or needing additional guidance. There are many on and off-campus resources, and academic advisor and other staff can provide guidance and assistance.

If you’re earning, or have earned, an associate’s degree and you want to give yourself a boost into a better career, set up an appointment with us to talk more about the transfer process, or learn more about what KUEC has to offer. Call 913-897-8539 today, or email us at 

We look forward to answering your questions and helping you solve any challenges! 

Click here to learn more about the Public Service Community.

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