Science Transfer Community offers prospective students a preview of life at KU

The program helps students transitioning to science programs at the KU Edwards Campus by facilitating connections with KU faculty and students, hosting career events, and providing learning opportunities.

A picture of students in a classroom for the Science Transfer Community Event at the KU Edwards Campus.

For high school and community college students interested in attending KU Edwards, transfer communities provide the opportunity to develop connections with KUEC staff, faculty, and students in a prospective student’s field of interest. It also allows them to explore majors to figure out what would be a good fit for them.

The Science Transfer Community allows prospective KUEC students interested in earning a degree in science, including applied biological sciences, biotechnology, environmental studies, exercise science, or health sciences, to get a sense of what it’s like to be a student in a KUEC science program. The program also helps incoming students establish rapport with faculty and staff before even starting classes. Through events that offer hands-on lab experience, networking with industry professionals, and guidance from KU faculty, the Science Transfer Community eases the transition to becoming a KUEC student. 

Kaitlyn Sy, a senior in KUEC’s biotechnology program and transfer ambassador on the Transfer Team, got involved with transfer communities before she had even started at KUEC. Early on, she was in contact with Renee Williams, academic advisor for the biotechnology program, and believes that cultivating a strong relationship with her academic advisor has been central to her success at KUEC. She’s since stayed involved in the Science Transfer Community to pass on her knowledge to incoming science students.

“There are so many things I wish I would have known about the transfer process,” Sy says. “Now that I’m a transfer ambassador, I enjoy getting to help incoming students with things I experienced just a few years ago.”

The program’s hands-on approach allows it to cater to the individual needs of prospective students. Academic advisors will set up one-on-one campus tours for interested students and meetings with professors and current students in their field of interest.

The Science Transfer Community also host a special event each year, such as the Careers in Science panel and networking event in October. The event offered students the opportunity to hear from industry professionals and learn about different career paths available with a degree in science. Jack Treml, assistant director of the biotechnology program, served as moderator. Following the panel, attendees enjoyed refreshments and networked with KU Edwards faculty and panelists. 

Science Transfer Community Event

At another recent event, attendees used lab equipment to examine fluorescent molecules under a microscope. These immersive events allow prospective students to get hands-on experience with the type of work they’d be doing as KUEC science students. 

Once students begin their classes, they will continue to have access to resources through the Science Transfer Community and other avenues of support offered at KU Edwards.

Learn more about the transfer communities available at KU Edwards.

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