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Tuition & Fees Details

The information below is for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Edwards Campus students pay tuition for Edwards Campus, academic program related course fees (if applicable), campus, student union and construction fees.

Base tuition rates for KU Edwards Campus are assessed per credit hour. Cost
Undergraduate Kansas Resident $336.40
Graduate Kansas Resident $416.20
Undergraduate Nonresident $898.65
Graduate Nonresident $997.95
Undergraduate MetroKC Rate – only available at KU Edwards Campus $336.40
Graduate MetroKC Rate – only available at KU Edwards Campus $416.20

These figures include the $10 technology fee. All Edwards Campus courses are subject to the Edwards Campus Program Fee of $34.55 per credit hour in addition to the Edwards Campus Fee of $82 per credit hour.

All Inclusive Programs* Cost
CLAS (Applied Behavioral Sciences MA and certificate, Applied Community Health & Development certificate) $700.00
CLAS (PSM in Environmental Assessment, PSM in Environmental Geology, Environmental Assessment certificate, Environmental Justice certificate, Environmental Geology certificate) $535.00
Education (BAS in Exercise Science, Strength & Conditioning certificate) $485.00
Engineering (MCE & MS in Civil Engineering, MS in Architectural Engineering, MCM & certificate in Construction Management, MS in Environmental and Water Resource Engineering, Structural Analysis certificate, Structural Design certificate, Structural Forensics certificate, Water Resources certificate) $660.00
Professional Studies (MS, ME and certificate in Project Management and MS and certificate in Engineering Management) $585.00
KU Medical Center (MS in Applied Statistics & Analytics, Applied Statistics certificate, Applied Data Science certificate) $700.00

*All Inclusive rate programs are not subject to additional course or campus fees.

Course fees for KU Edwards Campus are assessed per credit hour. Cost
Architecture, Design & Planning $52.95
Biology Lab $25.00
Business $126.30
Business (Graduate) $230.20
Education $28.35
Engineering (Undergraduate) $54.70
Engineering (Graduate) $116.00
Journalism $25.00
Social Welfare $37.50



Course specific Social Welfare practicum fees (in addition to the tuition rates and course fees assessed per participant). Cost
SW 601 $300.00
SW 701 $300.00
SW 801 $300.00
SW 804 $300.00
SW 803 $200.00
SW 806 $200.00


Fees for KU Edwards Campus are assessed per credit hour. 12+ credit hours are a flat rate. Cost
Construction $15.00
Required for Edwards Campus $56.00
Campus instructional infrastructure $11.00
Edwards Campus Program Fee $34.55

KU Edwards - Leavenworth Programs Cost
Master of Science in Organizational Leadership $700.00
Master of Science in Homeland Security: Law & Policy $670.00
Master of Engineering and Master of Science in Project Management $585.00


View the University of Kansas Comprehensive Fee Schedule.

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Lisa Browning
Student Services Coordinator