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Facilities & Transportation

At KU Edwards Campus you’ll find spacious classrooms designed for you and your students, comfortable, well-equipped offices, and break out rooms for small group collaboration. View campus hours of operation and guidelines for utilizing classrooms, offices, parking and travel reimbursement.

Please report any facility problems or concerns to Tony Nubile, manager of facilities, at tnubile@ku.edu.

Reserve one of our computer labs using the AV Request Form or by contacting Steve Werninger at swerninger@ku.edu

Classrooms & Breakout Rooms
Inquire about room assignments and necessary classroom materials.

Faculty Offices
Faculty rooms and offices are available for your use. These rooms provide an accessible location for you to work and meet with your students before or after class. Each office is equipped with a computer. If you would like to reserve office space, please stop by the Regents Center reception desk, call 913-897-8400 or email Laurie Brown.

Faculty Parking
Faculty and staff parking is available on the South side of Regents Center. Parking is free and available outside all KU Edwards Campus buildings.
Transportation & Mileage
Learn how to receive payment for traveling from the Lawrence campus to teach and read about the K-10 Connector bus service between campuses.


Contact our Events Team:

Driving Directions

Get directions to the Edwards Campus1.
If you are unable to use Google Maps, please call
913-897-8400 for driving directions.

Bus Service

K-10 Connector
Service from KU Edwards to Lawrence to JCCC

Jo 575
Service between KU Edwards and JCCC

On-demand micro transit around KC