KU Edwards Faculty Committees

Below are the faculty committees that reside on the Edwards campus.

KU Edwards Faculty Steering Committee

The mission of the KU Edwards Faculty Steering Committee is to identify, promote, and host relevant professional development opportunities for KU Edwards faculty and to provide input and representation to KU Edwards Administration on issues of interest to faculty on the KU Edwards Campus.


Faculty Members:

Staff Team Members:



Meeting Date: 11/18/2019 11:00 AM

Location: BEST 280


  • KU Edwards Hallmarks – Alex Terwilliger & Kristin Barrick
    • Current Hallmarks
      • Complicated, how to integrate?
      • Who is the primary contact?
  • Changes
    • Over-choice led to lack of adoption
    • Lack of promotion might have led to lack of adoption
    • Primary 6 categories:
      • Information Literacy
      • Campus & Community Engagement
      • Self-Knowledge
      • Cultural Perspective
      • Health & Well-Being
      • Professional Skills
    • Hallmarks --> The KU Edwards Advantage
  • Big Picture:
    • Sponsorship opportunities for these events


  • Big 12 Teaching & Learning Conference – Ben



  • Faculty/Research Group Webpage - Terri
    • Spoke with Chris about the development of Faculty Pages
    • Engage in the Blog posts, which will be tied to our faculty pages
    • Lab images and images of work being done with bulleted lists of what's being done for the program pages
    • Each program could consider adding a Faculty Page, linking to PRO
    • Ben & Stuart to speak with Chris about developing the culture for research, and need for faculty pages


  • Faculty Steering Committee website - John
    • This is okay, but challenging to find


  • Faculty PD – Steve
    • Teaching Practices: Basics of Classroom Mgmt (Roundtable discussion hosted by Ben, Alex W and Lee)
    • Compassionate Communication
      • Who is doing this at Lawrence?
    • Active Lecture Application: Mark Mort (Reschedule?)
    • Managing Student Absences roundtable
      • Angie Hendershot request
    • Rebecca/Michael Lemon- who is CPPR? How might KUEC faculty partner with CPPR?
    • Paul Trana - Data Walk: What can he do for faculty here?
    • Rebranding of the Hallmarks - Alex T?
      • Add this to the Second Friday agenda


  • MS Teams - Steve
    • Hastily discussed

Meeting Date: 10/28/2019 11:00 AM

Location: BEST 280


  • School of Professional Studies
    • History of its inception to present
    • Going to KBOR in November, the Chief Academic Officers
    • Goes back to KBOR for a full vote in December
    • Great support from all the Deans
    • Logic for the School:
      • Programs that don't exactly fit in Lawrence or the Med Center
      • Many opportunities that pop up but we can't get anyone behind them
      • ASL doesn't fit within existing schools well
        • not in the Hearing & Speech or SPED programs, for example
      • Post-Bacc from the Med Center will go there
      • KUMC has given us license to do UG health here @ Edwards


  • How much discussion should be held in public at this moment?
    • Let's make sure it's a done deal before we get too outspoken with it, when we're more certain about its future.


  • Are there new programs already in mind for this school?
    • Undergrad Minors or Certs and look at growing toward full UG programs
    • More in the Statistics realm
    • I suspect this is going to create a lot more opportunities for interdisciplinary efforts


  • Assuming this goes through
    • What does the organizational structure look like?
      • Dave will be the VC and Dean
        • New programs will have people reporting up through Dave rather than a different reporting line
        • More often than not, it will be collaborative ventures for existing programs
        • For those programs that will move…
          • Will Program Managers reporting through Stuart as Asst Dean probably
          • Will there be joint appointments between original school?
    • What does this do toward our path to an HLC Campus
      • We need to do the school, and then we need to explore that down the road.


  • What's the latest with JCERT?
    • Things look positively for KU, we have some areas for improvement.


  • JayHawk Central
    • Transferred to Edwards, no longer Endowment
    • Hired a third party broker that has developed new leases for existing tenants


  • Maybe the Steering Committee could begin looking at some problems to approach and present solutions
    • Campus hours around Ashley's research
    • Campus hours around students to do after hours lab work


  • Dave would like to have tough discussions and working sessions, please invite him back


  • Might we want to get Mark J in to talk about "school" issues or concerns we can kick around

Meeting Date: 9/9/2019 11:00 AM

Location: BEST 245


  • Follow up from Second Friday - Awards Feedback
    • More time
    • Student nominated award
      • Would need to be very easy
      • Send email to Ss
        • Students send email to Steering committee
        • Check box if dept can reach out to you for more information
      • Student funded option? Gofundme option?
      • Review the application the application materials to be more inclusive of online instructors
        • Maybe review the verbiage
          • Be more clear about online & Leavenworth
      • Nomination schedule:
        • Lawrence goes out in March, due by August?


  • Chris Brown Meeting Input
    • Part-time lecturer conversation
    • Part-time lecturer content
    • How we address, work with our distant/occasional lecturers
    • Kim Warren: faculty fellow
    • Do they want more Edwards involvement?


  • Other:
    • Get Dave & Stuart each into a meeting
      • Add a monthly meeting through the end of the FY
    • Big 12
      • Is there something the faculty steering can do to help?