Pre-med and Pre-health Education

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Continue your medical or health science education at the KU Edwards Campus

A degree in health science areas, including exercise science, biotechnology and molecular biology, is the starting point for continued study and a fulfilling career in a growing industry.

With a variety of programs, and evening and online courses to fit your busy schedule, the KU Edwards Campus is an ideal place to continue your pre-med or pre-health education. Receive high-quality, hands-on instruction from experienced credentialed instructors, and learn at a pace that fits your needs.

Why earn a pre-med or pre-health degree from KU?

  • Evening and online classes available
  • MetroKC tuition rate available for Missouri students
  • Credentialed, experienced faculty
  • Strong alumni network with connections to Kansas City institutions and organizations
  • Gain a strong foundation for medical school and other secondary degrees

Pre-med and Pre-health Programs

Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

Pursue coursework in exercise physiology, biomechanics, biochemistry and kinesiology.

Bachelor of Applied Science in Biotechnology

Study biological sciences, chemistry and advanced technology. Prepare for a career in the biotech industry or graduate work in research and biotechnology-related fields, including medical school.

Bachelor of Science in Applied Biological Sciences

Build a strong background in genetics, microbiology, cell biology and biochemistry. Prepare for medical, dental or pharmacy school, as well as graduate work in the health sciences.

Online Bachelor of Health Sciences

Strengthen your background in the healthcare industry and explore elective courses in nutrition, public and population health, and health management and policy.

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Health Science

Strengthen your academic background in biology and biotechnology before moving on to medical school or a career in medicine, health and life sciences, or biotechnology.