Five reasons Jayhawks will thrive this school year

Jayhawks have always exhibited these qualities, but this year’s back-to-school preparations have required more purpose, desire and self-belief than ever — both on the part of KU Edwards Campus faculty and staff, and the part of students.

Bronze Jayhawk Statue

Nimble. Flexible. Innovative. 

Jayhawks have always exhibited these qualities, but this year’s back-to-school preparations have required more purpose, desire and self-belief than ever — both on the part of KU Edwards Campus faculty and staff, and the part of students.

With student learning as KU’s continued No. 1  priority, the KU Edwards Campus reopened Aug. 24 to limited in-person classes, as well as online courses, while prioritizing health and safety across the university community. 

Without a doubt, Jayhawks will “Keep calm and hawk on” during this unprecedented school year. Here are five of the reasons why Jayhawks will thrive this school year. 

1. Jayhawks have the tools to be successful. 

Adult wearing a KU mask
Masks will be a common site for on-campus students. ​

It’s true - the lounge furniture and vending machines are gone, students may only consume food and beverage outside the buildings or in their cars, and there’s a new health monitoring app. These are just a few of the many vital measures implemented to keep the KU Edwards Campus community safe. At the same time, KUEC recognizes the need for areas such as the mothering room and the prayer room to remain open with extra precautions. 

To transition from summer and keep student learning at the forefront, the KU Edwards Campus has ensured all student resources are still available virtually. You can find a comprehensive and consistently updated list of those resources and all the information students and staff need to protect themselves and others on a special website. KU will always give its students, staff and faculty the tools they need for success.

2. Jayhawks know how to support and improve the community.

“Together, as Jayhawks, we must resolve to protect ourselves, each other, and the greater Lawrence community. We must adhere to all COVID-19 health and safety guidelines so that we can continue our mission to lift students and society by educating leaders, building healthy communities, and making discoveries that change the world.”

On the KU Protect website, you’ll find this community standards pledge — a true testament to the Jayhawk’s strong character. Working with their own nationally recognized medical experts at KU Medical Center, KU experts have established clear expectations for behavior that mitigates the risk of COVID-19 throughout its school communities. 

Image of Protect KU webpage is a new site that offers the latest info and resources for back-to-school.

Jayhawks know how to take care of each other, themselves and others through personal responsibility and compliance with these policies and safety measures. 

3. Jayhawks know time [and stress] management

Students who grace the brick-and-mortar or virtual halls of KU are filled with ambition and a strong desire to learn and improve themselves and the world. These Jayhawks possess the discipline necessary to manage their time and employ the best study strategies — in class and online. 

While Jayhawks recognize the importance of studies, they also know when they need to stop, reassess and take time for self-care. Whether it’s practicing mindfulness techniques, learning how to stay in shape while learning from home, or employing stress relief strategies, Jayhawks know how to strike the proper balance between work and play.

“While this may be an uncertain period, one thing has proven to be true, decade after decade, crisis after crisis: the power of earning an education from a strong institution,” said Stuart Day, dean of the Edwards Campus and the School of Professional Studies. “And, these students will do just that.”

4. Jayhawks rise together

Image of KU staff with welcome signs for students
KU Edwards Campus staff launch a series of virtual Zoom welcomes to students.

Socially distanced classroom setups are the norm, but students, faculty, academic success coaches, and staff will remain close through innovative communication initiatives like the Jayhawk Cloud.

The Jayhawk Cloud is a virtual space developed using the Microsoft Teams platform where students and staff can connect and collaborate in a casual environment. Once logged in, students and staff may start a channel about a topic of their choice to get the conversation rolling. 

Academic success coaches and student services are all available virtually with expanded hours.  Virtual one-on-one advising appointments are available and the student services website offers the latest information on connecting with the people at KUEC who can help students succeed.

“I want our students to be confident in knowing they can weather challenges and become stronger and more successful than before,” Day said. “They should feel pride at what they have accomplished so far and be filled with hope for what’s next.”

No matter what obstacles are thrown their way, Jayhawks are still a community and will continue to rise together.

5. Jayhawks will continue the legacy.

If you’re a Jayhawk, you take your legacy pretty seriously. The education you are receiving at KU is just the beginning of the astounding accomplishments you will make in this world as you support the community around you.

“Our incoming students are part of a strong network of Jayhawks who know we have a responsibility to use our accomplishments for the benefit of all,” Day said. 

Will you be like biotechnology graduate Justin Carroll and help test thousands for a virus that has become a worldwide pandemic?

Will you champion clean water compliance and sustainability projects like environmental studies graduate Ian Fannin-Hughes

Or perhaps, you’ll go on to impact others through social work like 2020 graduate Genilda Journey

These are only a few recent outstanding graduate stories of the thousands who called KU Edwards Campus home. No matter what direction you end up traveling, all true Jayhawks know and feel they are and will continue to be part of KU’s legacy of community, innovation and discovery.

“I know this year’s group of students will continue to fight for diversity, equity and inclusion,” Day said, “and use their success to take care of those who come after them. I can’t wait to see the ways they will succeed this school year.”

For the latest information about back-to-school plans and protocols for the KU Edwards Campus, visit Protect KU Edwards Campus today.

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