JCERT supported degrees and certificates

The Johnson County Education Research Triangle (JCERT) funds many undergraduate and advanced degree and certificate programs in business, engineering, science and technology. These programs are offered to help serve workforce demands for highly trained graduates in these disciplines.



Business Administration (BBA)

Accounting Certificate

Project Management - Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Applied Science


Master of Accounting

Professional Workplace Communication Certificate

Professional Management

EngineeringProject Management

Project Management - Master of Engineering
Project Management - Master of Science
Foundations in Project Management Certificate


Master of Civil Engineering
Structural Analysis Certificate 
Structural Design Certificate 
Structural Forensics Certificate

Master of Science in Architectural Engineering

Master's in Construction Management
Certificate in Construction Management


Bachelor of Biotechnology

Bachelor of Exercise Science

Bachelor of Health Sciences

Bachelor of Environmental Studies

Nutrition Certificate

Public and Population Health Certificate and minor

Strength and Conditioning Certificate


Professional Science Masters (PSM)
- Environmental Assessment
Environmental Assessment Certificate


Professional Science Masters (PSM)
- Environmental Geology
Environmental Geology Certificate 

Master of Science in Applied Statistics, Analytics and Data Science
Applied Data Science Certificate
Applied Statistics Certificate

Master of Arts in Applied Behavioral Science
Behavior Analysis Certificate 


TechnologyInformation Technology (BSIT)

Software Engineering Certificate

Cybersecurity Certificate